Entrevista a Raul Facio: «Playing other peoples music wouldn’t take me anywhere»

Hace un par de días que salió a la venta bajo el sello Octopus Black Label el tema Serpent de Raul Facio, el cual, ya puedes descargar aqui por medio del portal Beatport. Dicho Ep cuenta con dos temas, el ya mencionado y también otro titulado Dismissed. En el tema Serpent se escucha un sonido de techno obscuro, potente e hipnotico, muy enfocado a la pista de baile.

Y es que, el viento le a favorecido este verano al joven productor, su llegada a Europa, gracias a un tour que realizo hace un par de semanas, le ha dado la experiencia y solides, que necesita para entender mas lo que es la escena global del techno.

raul facio 4

raul facio 5Esta semana, Raul Facio, quien llega a sus dos décadas de vida, cumple años este 9 de agosto. Por tal motivo, el fiel representante del sonido del sello Sci + Tec en esta frontera, tiene programada una actuación dj de 5hrs en Hardpop este viernes 10 de agosto. Más información de su presentación dar click aquí.

Raul Facio 6Raul Facio, desde muy temprana edad se involucro en la producción y dj, por tal motivo, decidimos hacerle un par de preguntas para conocer mas de su temprano andar por el techno:

Hello Raul, how are you? What have you been up recently?

Hey there! All is well, lately I’ve been working on lots of new music, after my European tour I came back home very inspired and I’ve been getting some great results in the studio.

From how long has you been involved on the electronic scene ?

I’ve been involved in the electronic music scene for about 7 years. I first started DJing at that time, I was about 13 years old if I remember correctly. I later picked up
on production at about the age of 14.

What inspired you to produce electronic music ?

Initially I was introduced to the music by my cousin but much after that, right before I decided to begin DJing, I would watch countless hours of my favorite DJs playing live,
guys like Dubfire and Oiver Huntemann for example. I was extemely intrigued by their ability to manipulate a crowd and take people on a journey so to speak. I then knew I wanted to do the same.
I picked up DJing and felt like only playing other peoples music wouldn’t take me anywhere, I wanted to play my own. So I began teaching myself how to produce and well, now I’m here.

How would you define your sound and style ?

It’s hard to define my sound and style, mainly because I love and play a few different «genres». But If I absolutely HAD to define my style I would define it as minimal techno
It’s my favorite type of music to play and listen to.

What do you think is first, be a dj or a producer? Or the two together?

It’s hard to say. I think being DJ is very important. After all, if you’re not that great of a DJ you won’t get very far. But at the same time, being a producer is really the only
way you’d be able to become well known in the music world. It’s rare for me to see a story where someone who is only a DJ is touring and actually making a living out of it.

What would you like to say to all the people that want to begin in this career of producing and dj?

I would advise those who are interested in coming into this career to not give up even when it seems like they’re getting nowhere. You’re always getting somewhere, it just takes time.

Thanks for talking to us and we look forward to hearing you at Hardpop this Friday.

Thanks letting me be a part of it! Can’t wait to play at Hardpop.

raul facio 2

raul facio 3



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